Polymer Clay Guide

Polymer clay is a super fun medium which can be used to make jewelry, models and a million other things!

Crochet Guide

Crochet uses loops of yarn to create the most amazing objects and wearable pieces.

Green crochet bucket hat

Embroidery Guide

Embroidery allows you to use needle and thread to essentially paint a picture. Fine stitches are used across stretched cotton fabric to create an image.

Atmosphere embroidery kit and threads

Hand Sewing Guide

Hand sewing is an essential skill in life but it can also be your gateway to creating your handmade wardrobe. Hand stitching is just as strong or stronger than modern machine stitching but it is a slow and mindful craft with out the harsh whirring of the modern machine.

Sew your own Curly Hair Care products

Curly haircare can be hard but I have tried to make it that bit easier by making some free to use PDF patterns for hair wraps, plops, pillow cases and pillow curlers.