Whims of a Craft Addict

A random road trip for a niche hobby item

Today started out like any other day of the January school holidays. I got up, had a coffee, went to a long put off appointment and then went to spotlight to see if they had any more skeins of the acrylic wool I’m currently using.

You see I had under estimated the amount I would need for the crochet pattern being written in my head. Thus over 3 weeks post original purchase, I had been hopping store to store trying to find the ever elusive Caron O’Go cakes in salt and pepper. I had even asked some of my Facebook crochet groups for help finding some, but alas, none was to be found.

Today I visited the final Spotlight within 45 minutes of my hous plze, again no luck.

To cast my net further I began the ring around. Not a single store in Melbourne could proclaim to possess this most limited of merchandise.

So again, I had to try further away, specifically, Ballarat!

Now, truth be told I love Ballarat so making the decision to randomly drive the hour and a half there to collect 3 skeins of wool and then drive the hour and home again wasn’t as insane to me as it might seem to the average Melbournian.

The moral of this week’s blog is that sometimes you must be a little bit random and that my dedication to crafting genuinely knows no bounds.

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