Croatian Inspired Weaving

Embarking on the art of weaving has been a lifelong dream of mine, though it always felt like a distant goal. Without any personal connections to weavers and the high cost of large looms, the idea remained elusive. Eventually, I stumbled upon an affordable mini loom, which served as the catalyst I needed to begin.

Weaving requires the use of a loom, onto which warp threads are attached ready for weft threads to be woven through. The pattern can be simple or incredibly intricate creating plaids and motifs.

Starting with a small project, I experimented with various wools, fleeces, and my own spun art yarn to play with textures and colors in a simple weaving pattern. The satisfaction of completing my first weaving project fills me with pride, and I can’t wait to display it on my wall.

Feeling more confident, I challenged myself to a more intricate design inspired by Croatian aesthetics. I attempted to weave an apron for my daughter’s traditional Croatian costume, a project that proved to be a significant leap in complexity. The transition from basic weaving to tapestry demanded more time and patience, leading me to realize the effort required.

Unfortunately, I did not finish this project, but I am sharing the design below for anyone interested in giving it a try.

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