Vintage Style Winter Skirt

I am not typically someone who wears skirts. I’m plus sized, I have an extremely short torso combined with a round belly so I don’t feel my best in them, however, this year I have been seeing so many beautiful wool walking skirts and vintage circle skirts that I have decided to try again. This isn’t easy as I have found almost no inspiration images of people wearing them who are my size, let alone my shape.

What do I want this skirt to be?

Not a full circle so somewhere between a half and a quarter circle.

A thick and strong wistband that wont roll.


Can I find a pattern that meets all of these criteria and is in my size range? No…

So I have a couple of options.

The first option is do a full circle skirt using the Cashmerette Club Gilmore Skirt, but, it has a lot more

volume than I was hoping for and it has no pockets.

The second is Charm Patterns Stanwick Skirt. It’s also too

full and it doesnt come in my size BUT, it has beautiful pockets!

Finally, I could self-draft something. This is the option I’m planning to do but I am nervous. How the hell am I going to do the pockets?! I could buy the Stanwyck pattern but honestly I can’t justify giving my hard earned cash to a company that doesn’t consider the inclusion of my size band a worthwhile endeavor.

So now, to research, so much research!

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