Functional Adaptive Clothing and Sewing them

When I first started researching functional adaptive clothing for my patterns, I naively thought it would be easy. That there would be a book or some videos I would browse through to find the compatible closure options and then add them in. I was wrong, very wrong!

Trying to find even ready to wear adaptive clothing was difficult and when I did find them, only a very few were designed with people under 80 in mind. They were largely for people who are in full care with little ability for independence.

So I set about trying to create some options. I got feedback from the community, then, tried to consider the diverse range of needs and how I could best accommodate them all. The great thing about a sewing pattern is that people can choose what suits them and their needs best. It also means that if you get you clothing made for you by a tailor or seamstress, you can give them these options to incorporate into your clothing.

I ended up with 3 Functional Adaptive Clothing closure options.

Option 1: Overlap Closure.

The closure allows for access to the body whilst keeping the waistband in place. It provides coverage and can be easly altered to increase this coverage if needed.

Option 2: Enclosed Gusset

This allows for quick release of the waistband closure but coverage if the closure comes open by accident.

Option 3: Full length zipper

This was a suggestion from a subscriber and its honestly brilliant in its simplicity, use a coat zip which spans from the waist to the hem. This is particularly useful for wheelchair users who can open the skirt out and sit in it before closing.

These adaptive pattern peices and instructions are available as a free download. You can use them with any garment or pattern you like. Or you can puchase the Morana Skirt Pattern, which is what they were originally designed for, and the closure options are in that pattern too.

Adaptive Closures Video Tutorial

To find out more about the adaptive options and learn how to use them, watch the video below.

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