Halloween costuming

Halloween is upon us and despite being in Australia and it being spring, I love Halloween and just want to participate!

My entire inspiration for this project comes from the fabric. I had no intention of buying myself this fabric and was in spotlight to get supplies for my daughter’s Halloween costume when I saw this oh so cute spiderweb net and it has to come home with me! I bought 6 meters so that I have options for volume but at the time wasnt sure of a pattern I would make with it.

Since getting the fabric I have been looking through all of my patterns and decided that I want big puffy sleeves, a big skirt and a v neck. So to achieve this I have decided to make the Reggie dress by Seamwork. I have never made this dress and I don’t plan on making a toile because I don’t have any time! I have decided to line the bodice and skirt rather than making an overdress.

I am making a size 22 with a small bust adjustment.

I think this costume turned out amazing, though not incredibly comfortable. I found the fabric etremly itchy and the clasp I used in the inside of the wrap came undone CONSTANTLY!

I am absolutley going to use the Reggie Wrap Dress pattern again but this time in a more comfortable fabric!

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