For my whole life I have been a crafter. If I saw a new way to make something creative, I was into it and wanted to learn it. My entire family makes stuff and I was raised with a Do-It-Yourself attitude. I have always loved discovering how to make things and that the joy of a hobby is the process of making something yourself.

My passion in life has been to teach and I am driven by the desire to give people the tools they need to learn how to make all the things!

I am designing my range of kits aiming to be sustainable, inclusive, and as Australian made as possible. 

My first collection of kits is the Luna collection which is based on the moon as a motif. The collection includes an embroidery kit, a crochet kit, a polymer clay kit and a sewing kit including a pattern I have drafted for plus sized sewists (size 16 to 30)

In the future I am hoping to expand to all kinds of crafts to encourage people to experiment with crafts and enjoy the process of making instead of focusing on perfectionism. I want to provide something unique and interesting in a fast-growing market.

At this stage I sell the kits and digital downloads of my designs on Etsy. Please follow the link via the shop page to see what I have made and purchase some for yourself.